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Healthy Food Miami. While sweets may be always a good idea, its effects tend to increase risk of the development of chronic diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes.

And you know… when it comes to changes that are good for our health, you must avoid this kind of food. And surely you think that healthy food is synonymous with tasteless food…

If you're anything like us, and you're sick of overnight oats, chia puddings that have lost their luster, and if you need to eat sweets without guilt (and of course without losing the line and figure of your body), here we will give you a little motivation back!

In Fit and Sweet USA we always do "our way", reconverting

the most popular and demanded desserts into a protein fitness version.

We have selected 3 healthy food for people in Miami like us that are definitely worth a try.

The Fav Chocolate and Dulce de Leche

chocolate and dulce de leche, fit and sweet usa

For those of us who love Argentine sweets, alfajores are one of the favorite and most valued sweets in all its varieties.

A delicious dulce de leche in the middle of the two sponge cakes, flavored and baked with different techniques to achieve a slightly spongy cake top with a sensational aroma.

Cocoa powder, skim powder milk, eggs, stevia, dulce de leche no sugar, cream cheese are part of its ingredients.

These alfajores are a real weakness and above all, fit and sweet.

Keto Delicious Wannabe Donuts

keto donuts, healthy food miami

Do you need incredibly soft and perfectly sweet healthy donuts in your life? Well then, these Keto Delicious Wannabe Donuts have you covered!

If you are a fan of donuts, you must try this: a super soft and sweet flavor so you will enjoy it for hours on your palate. Almond Flour, eggs, goma Xantana, unsweetened cocoa are part of its ingredients.

While these healthy donuts don't have exactly the same texture as carb-filled donuts, they sure do taste just as delicious!

Fit Tiramisu

healthy food miami, fit tiramisu

Tiramisu is a quintessential Italian sweet. The curious thing is that, despite being a relatively new sweet (its origin is in the Veneto region in the 1950s), it is tremendously popular, not only in Miami, but all over the world.

If cheesecake is the queen of desserts, tiramisu is without a doubt the king! This irresistible dessert is our low-calorie version of fitness tiramisu that will adapt perfectly to our needs.

It is possibly one of the most banned sweets due to its high caloric value, but at Fit and Sweet USA we have a version with the same flavor, but with practically no calories. 


Try this delicious Tiramisu Fit here!

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In Fit and Sweet USA we do care about your diet and your health, and we know how to enjoy something tasty and healthy.

We have healthy food for all tastes and nutritional objectives, and the best thing: we can deliver the "good food" to your house every day.

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